Endpoint Security

The Power of Simplicity

Simplifying Endpoint Security

Your organisation demands a security approach as sophisticated and adaptable as its threats. Metrofile’s Cloud EDR is designed for service providers to swiftly detect and fix advanced attacks. This solution ensures business continuity without the hassles and costs of multi-point products.

The Power to Optimise

Attack Prioritisation and Analysis

Current EDR solutions may tackle cyber threats but often pose immense operational complexities and cost burdens. Metrofile’s Cloud EDR is based on the idea that it should be easy to use. Illustrating:

Integrated Backup and Recovery

for Business Continuity

When point-security solutions might fail, Metrofile’s Cloud EDR keeps your business up and running.

Launch with ease,

Scale with convenience

Metrofile Cloud’s complete cyber protection solution, integrated within a single agent, yields manifold benefits. Metrofile’s all-in-one cyber protection solution integrates within a single, easy-to-use agent.

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