Microsoft 365 Backup

Metrofile Cloud Microsoft 365 Backup is designed to safeguard your Microsoft365 data from adverse instances such as accidental deletion, malevolent employees, or ransomware attacks. Our solution functions in synergy with file synchronisation applications like Sharepoint, enabling you to maximise the benefits of applications on-the-go, while being confident in your capacity to recover otherwise irretrievable data.

Why use our solution?

Fully Restorable

Restores can be conducted at the file, folder, or mailbox level and data can be restored to ANY point in time.

Provides Continuity Options

With Metrofile Cloud Microsoft 365 Backup, you can retain dynamic data, including those of ex-employees, even when their associated M365 account is deleted. It empowers you to access and restore historic data as needed, and even provide new employees with their predecessor’s old emails to maximize job efficiency.

No Limits

There is no limit to the volume of backups or retention time meaning you don’t have to worry about the Microsoft365 data expiration limit.

Legal Protection

Metrofile Cloud Microsoft365 Backup optionally includes an enterprise-grade functionality that ensures an organisation always has access to a “tamper-proof” copy of M365 documents for legal reasons.

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Metrofile Cloud Microsoft365 Backup is committed to securing Microsoft 365 applications and data. It ensures total recoverability of your data at any point in time and generates ‘tamper-proof’ copies of vital data.

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