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Our Protective Shield

The How and What

Metrofile Cloud ensures that you, alongside your colleagues, your customers, and your suppliers, interact with only genuine emails. The technology, supplied by Sendmarc, rectifies a well-known flaw within the email design which enables criminals to manipulate sender addresses in fraudulent emails—a strategy excessively exploited in recent times.

To counteract this, DMARC, an international security standard for emails, has been embraced by two million companies. The initiative, formed by a consortium comprising the world’s leading technology companies, designed a global protocol designed to comprehensively address the impersonation issue.

While many corporate IT cybersecurity measures, including Metrofile Cloud, provide robust defence within the organisation’s domain, the technology plays a crucial role in preventing cyberattacks originating outside the company domain. Incorporated within the offerings are routine audit reports, demonstrating the efficacy of the solutions to both management and users.

Why Choose Metrofile?

Global Security Standard Compliance:

Metrofile Cloud, through DMARC, offers trust, visibility, identity, compliance and global endorsement through their offerings of global security standard for email.

Pre-emptive Measure:

Data analysis provided in the report will reveal necessary steps to avoid cyberattacks that can be anticipated and prevented.

Legal Compliance Boost:

This offering contributes significantly to the external audit of the business - it augments the credibility of the compliance portion of an audit.


Complementing our data backup solution, our Disaster Recovery system ensures unparalleled data recovery capabilities.

Audited Solution:

The Disaster Recovery solution includes four quarterly fail-over simulations, providing peace of mind that business continuity is always at hand. Moreover, Metrofile Cloud issues detailed audit reports to be included in your Annual Results Pack.

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