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Metrofile's contract
management automation​

Discover the power of Metrofile’s Contract Management Automation (CMA), an advanced solution designed to optimise document-intensive contract management processes, streamline contract creation, and provide a single, unified view of all your contracts.

Our platform integrates multiple sources of content, automates contract milestone reminders, and ensures compliance, enabling your organisation to take control of its contracts and minimise risks.

Key features and benefits

Optimised contract management

Automate and streamline document-intensive contract creation, contract registry, legal, and contract management processes.

Standardised contract templates

Create consistent, professional contracts using customizable templates, ensuring uniformity and reducing errors.

Integrated content sources

Consolidate multiple sources of contract content into a single, unified platform for easy access and management.

Single view of contracts

Get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your contracts, enabling better decision-making and improved contract lifecycle management.

Automated reminders

Receive automatic notifications for contract milestones, events, and renewals, ensuring timely actions and reducing the risk of missed deadlines.

Use Cases

Transforming Contract Management with CMA: Use cases

Optimizing Document-Intensive Processes

Streamline the contract creation process by automating document generation, review, and approval workflows, resulting in faster and more efficient contract management.

Standardized Contract Creation

Ensure consistency across all contracts with customizable templates, reducing the risk of errors and simplifying the contract creation process.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to renewal or termination, with automated reminders and notifications.

Insights at your fingertips

Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

Metrofile’s APPA offers valuable insights through:

Take control of your contracts: Experience the power of Metrofile's Contract Management Automation​

Don’t let inefficient contract management processes hold your organization back. Discover the transformative power of Metrofile’s Contract Management Automation and revolutionize the way you manage your contracts.

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