Redefining Public Sector Operations with Metrofile Vysion

Leverage modernization and automation

to empower efficient government processes

Drive efficiency. Reduce waste. Enhance security.

All with Metrofile.

Embrace a more efficient Public Sector

With Metrofile, we enable the reduction of manual processes, providing a tremendous increase in efficiency. Coupled with notable reductions in paper and toner cartridge consumption, your operations become more eco-friendly than ever. The need for physical storage for printed records becomes a thing of the past while enhancing security across all data and records.

Digitise and safeguard Public Sector records

Metrofile’s dataSTOR EDMS platform is the solution to secure your public sector records securely and efficiently. Our support for digital conversion combined with artificial intelligence tools ensures automatic document identification and a seamless digital transition, enhancing accuracy and access.

Centralised archives and streamlined Public Sector processes

Connect multiple offices and locations through a secure content platform while managing correspondence and email archiving effectively. Metrofile allows for the robust collection of information from various locations to support and optimise internal processes.

The Power of Automation

Tracking of Physical Records

HRM File Management

Finance File Management

Supply Chain Management

Boost efficiency with AutoPilot workflow solution

Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Approval Routing

Automate approval processes with streamlined routing, reducing the time needed for decision-making and ensuring traceability.

Forms Management

Simplify the creation, distribution, and storage of forms, fostering a more organised and efficient handling of essential documents.

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