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How Metrofile can transform

Governance and Information Management Practices in the Financial Sector

Financial institutions face a legal obligation to adhere to strict regulations surrounding information governance.

Information Acquisition

We aid in crafting clear strategies for effective and compliant data collection procedures.

Information Disclosure

Our expertise helps to develop comprehensive policies on the disclosure of sensitive data, balancing transparency and privacy requirements judiciously.

Handling Information Requests

Responding to data-related requests can often be challenging. We facilitate the creation of structured protocols to address such requests responsibly.

Solutions for the Financial Sector

Expertise in Information Governance and Management – Wherever you need it.

Multimedia Archive Management

Voice Contracting

Claims Management

Automated, Workflow-driven

Fiduciary services

Wills and Estates


Customer master data management - combines and matches

Collateral Management

Bond docs, home loans, vehicle registration books - title management

Secured Lending Services

Loan agreements, security agreements and contracts

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