The power of digital content management – automating KYC processes

Digital content management makes creating, processing and managing vast amounts of information easy and efficient. Processing times for client onboarding were mostly reduced from days to under an hour.

Case study: A commercial bank in Southern Africa

Our Client

A commercial bank located in Southern Africa providing a wide range of financial services to individuals, small and medium businesses, large corporations, and public institutions.

The issue

  • Large volumes of physical documentation.
  • Lack of filing and shelving space.
  • Inefficient manual processes.
  • No digital backups resulting in loss of information.
  • Poor protection of sensitive data.
  • Inefficient client onboarding processes.

Our solution

Over a period of six months, we transformed the clients’ records management and automat-ed some of their businesses processes using our content services platform
– Metrofile Datastor

  • Created a digital registry of all business critical documents.
  • Secured movement of documents through the document tracking functionality.
  • Provided a platform for digital conversion of physical documents.

Using the MetrofileDatastor advanced document routing capabilities, we:

  • Automated the KYC process for client onboarding.
  • Automated the HR document management processes.

The impact

The end-to-end solution was delivered in a very short period of time which realised the following benefits for the client.

We delivered the solution – the accelerated time to value in a very short period of time.

The benefits realised by the client included:

  • Reduction of cost related to the movement of physical documents between branches and Head Office.
  • Secure auditable processes of document tracking.
  • Full search capability to make it easy to find documents.
  • Automation of the centralised document archive.
  • Increased productivity through automated workflows.
  • Supported compliance to privacy regulations such as GDPR.

How we can apply this solution to other clients

Our Digital Content Management solutions have been successfully implemented across numerous industries, including finance, insurance, retail, mining and medical industries, as well as many sectors of local, provincial and national government.

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