The power of digital content management – robotic process automation (RPA) for straight through processing of supplier invoices

Robotic process automation enables straight-through processing of documents from source to back office systems with minimal human interaction.

Case study: A large financial services client specialising in investment management

Our Client

A South African investment company with global operations.

Our solution

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Datastor Metrofile VYSION’s content management platform – we were able to fully automate the client’s accounts payable process. 

  • Metrofile provided a management console in response to the client’s need for management oversight.
  • The console is designed to provide a view of the RPA Bot in real time. This enables management to react and adjust decision making when required.
  • By connecting the console directly to the ERP, the client could match the incoming invoice data against the master data from the ERP system.
  • The client could manage complex allocations of invoice line items across different departments and financial periods and perform additional real-time reports against business parameters and exceptions.

Benefits and value

Fully digitised processes ensure that our client has reports and analytics on hand, giving them full oversight of their processes and time gaps between stages. This reduces supplier invoice processing by 80%.

  • Auto capture of invoice details ensured a low error rate and high throughput.
  • Significantly reduced the time taken to process 400+ invoices per month from days down to minutes.
  • Invoices can now be vetted against budget and allocated to GL codes – making it simple and easy to manage.
  • Payment threshold, duplicate payments and other alerts also enable full control of how payments are made.
  • Digitising accounts payable made it easy to validate vendors and extend the service to on-boarding vendors, thereby ensuring that an end-to-end view of the process is considered.
  • Integration into ERP and Datastor platform enables prompt and efficient use of all supporting documents for immediate payment and future audit reference.

How we can apply this solution to other clients

Any client that has a high volume of invoices and staff count in their accounts payable processes will benefit from this solution. RPA works 24/7/365 to provide seamless solutions tailored to your business needs.

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