A commercial bank in Malawi

Our client

A fully fledged commercial bank located in Malawi providing a wide range of financial services to individuals, small and medium businesses, large corporations, and public institutions.

The challenge

  • Large volumes of physical documentation
  • Lack of filing and shelving space
  • Inefficient manual processes
  • No digital backups resulting in loss of information
  • Poor protection of sensitive data

When customers approach the financial institution to open an account, the bank employee requires a physical copy of their ID, proof of residence and an application form. With many thousands of applications and no digital backups, the sheer number of paper documents became overwhelming.

A vast backlog of unfiled physical documents, cluttered storage areas and cumbersome manual processes resulted in major losses of information, poor compliance, lengthy turnaround times and frustrated customers.

Our solution

The greatest challenge for this project was managing the vast number of physical documents scattered across multiple storage areas, filing rooms, desks and drawers in the bank’s various branches.

Our first step was to systematically organise their existing warehouse where all physical files from all branches were stored in a single, secure repository. We created a digital active file-tracking system utilising barcoded technology to systematically store, retrieve and track files.

Metrofile was cognisant of the impact of such a project and adopted a phased approach. Having organised and captured all physical files, we digitally scanned documents and uploaded the content to our advanced datastor Content Management System. This ensured that all information was accessible electronically, while also maintaining the security of sensitive information. The client quickly identified the benefits of and proceeded to phase 3.

Phase 3 focused primarily on optimising processes by using digital workflows embedded in datastor. This enabled employees to scan documents directly into the system without the need for physical print outs and stamps. It also accelerated the project adoption with users engaging with the platform more frequently.

The bank has progressed the project on their own with little to no involvement from Metrofile, with more than 15 flows digitised through the platform. From start to finish, this project took six months. The client is now looking at extending the project into phase 4 with integration into their core banking platform and a fully automated business plan.

Benefits and value

Digital content management makes creating, storing and retrieving vast amounts of documentation easy and efficient. Digital documents can now move seamlessly through the entire system, with each department across the financial institution able to track and access accurate information at each stage of the approval process. More efficient processes and faster response times result in higher customer satisfaction and greater opportunities for business growth.

  1. Secure auditable processes
  2. Centralised archives
  3. Reduced inefficiencies
  4. Faster response times
  5. Increased productivity
  6. POPIA Compliance

How we can apply this solution to other clients

Our Digital Content Management solutions have been successfully implemented across numerous industries, including but not limited to, the retail, mining and medical industries, as well as many sectors of local, provincial and national government.


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