Information Advisory Services

Risk modernisation through robust governance and compliance

When it comes to information and its management, adhering to strict governance and compliance protocols can be difficult.

Our teams have the expertise to guide and assist you in implementing robust policies, procedures, adhere to legal requirements, and much, much more.

We help you manage risk​


Implement a robust framework of policies, procedures, file plan, retention schedule and technology

Standardised processes for the new digitisation programme

Alignment to National and Provincial Archives and Records Services (NARSSA)

Supporting Clean Audit Initiatives

Records Management Policy and Procedures for both physical and digital documents

Establishing a Sound Governance Framework

An effective governance framework forms the backbone of successful data management. Metrofile ensures the establishment of such a robust framework through the implementation of methodical policies, procedures, retention schedules and detailed file plans. Our services align perfectly with the National and Provincial Archives and Record Services (NARSSA), ensuring exemplary information management practices that keep your organisation ahead of the curve….


IT Governance requirements

Privacy (POPIA) requirements

Freedom of Information (PAIA)

Information Risk Management

File plan development

The Minimum Information Security Standard (MISS)

Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA)

Corporate Governance

The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act)