Records Management

Comprehensive Solutions for Storage, Scanning,
Filing, and Confidential Destruction

Records Management

Comprehensive Solutions for Storage, Scanning, Filing, and Confidential Destruction

Protect, access, and manage your records with confidence

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Exceptional storage, fire safety, and data security:

world-class solutions for your business




Fire mitigation

Data vaults

Records Management in action

Efficient records management streamlines the storage, retrieval, and protection of essential documents, enabling businesses to maintain compliance, enhance productivity, and reduce operational costs.

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Industry-focused Track & Trace: Unlock the Power of Precision

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Financial Institutions

Boost Compliance & Risk Management with Track & Trace

Empower your financial institution with a cutting-edge loan documentation system:

  • Rapid document location
  • Reduced non-compliance risks
  • Strengthened risk management strategy

Upgrade your financial institution’s document management today!


Maximise Efficiency with Track & Trace for Manufacturing

Transform your business operations with our versatile tracking solution:

  • Accurate inventory records
  • Theft prevention
  • Optimized asset utilization

Elevate your industry with Track & Trace today!


Revolutionise Patient Care with Track & Trace

Upgrade your healthcare facility's records management system and experience:

  • Faster file retrieval
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced patient care

Discover the future of healthcare records management today!

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Our solutions


The storage and management of large quantities of inactive and semi-active records is a specialist business.

Our four decades of experience ensures effective management of documents and records throughout every part of the information life cycle.

Vault storage

Our secure, climate-controlled vaults provide the utmost protection against moisture, dust and contaminants and are weather and fire-resistant with gas suppression. These facilities are constantly monitored by CCTV, are strictly access controlled and are protected by perimeter fencing.

Records storage

Records are safe in our purpose-built, world-class warehouses which meet industry standards to protect against elements.

Our sophisticated labelling, indexing, search, retrieval, tracking and re-filing system always guarantees quick and easy access to your information.

Active filing

Records can be deep stored for extended periods of time or, for customers who need quick and easy access to their files on an ongoing basis, we offer cost-effective active filing solutions.

Our “track and trace” system prevents misfiling or lost documents and allows for interfiling and additions to “live” physical files with full audit trail capabilities.

Delivery options are designed to suit customer specific requirements utilising vehicles with satellite surveillance systems.


Metrofile has captured over 60 million lines of data and stored over 309 million images, making them easily accessible for clients. This service allows businesses to digitize their documents, reducing the need for physical storage and improving overall efficiency.The company currently stores over 8.5 million boxes, ensuring the safe and secure storage of your documents.

Digital scanning

Convert media into digital copies.

Production film digitisation (scanning)

Scanning of roll film, fiche or aperture cards for the rapid digitising of high volumes of data.

COM Recording

Fast and economical method of converting digital files to proven and archival micro-formats.

The conversion process can be carried out by Metrofile through either an outsourced arrangement whereby the final product will be held and managed on Metrofile’s systems, an insourced arrangement whereby Metrofile manages the infrastructure and staffing on customer premises or a customised combination of both.

Filing and storage products

Metrofile offers a range of filing and storage products to help businesses keep their documents organized and easily accessible.

From POPIA compliant files for medical businesses, to files and accessories, archive and off-site storage boxes, filing cabinets, bulk filers and shelving products, we are a leading provider of filing solutions for every business regardless of size or nature.

Our comprehensive range of products can be customised to suit your every requirement.

We have expanded our product range to include boxes, labelling and packaging material required for moving and packing for both business and commercial use.

Confidential destruction

Metrofile offers a range of filing and storage products to help businesses keep their documents organized and easily accessible.

Your records can be a goldmine for identity thieves and you may be inadvertently helping them. Protect your identity, save yourself time, and prevent the hassle of fraud by securely disposing your confidential information.

Our world-class systems and state-of-the-art cross-cutting technology deliver superior on-site and off-site document destruction solutions to businesses across South Africa.

Not sure how often you need to shred? Our product brand, Cleardata will advise you how often your business needs to destroy confidential information.