Sustainability policy


Metrofile is a responsible organisation that is committed to:

  • sustainable business practices
  • minimising its impact on its environment
  • the development of its communities


Metrofile, its subsidiaries and staff will at all times:

  • pursue ethical business practices
  • operate within the bounds of the law
  • comply with international best practice
  • conduct its business in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • reuse or recycle waste generated on all our sites
  • play an active role in the development, health and well-being of our staff


Use our resources to develop our communities and we will:

  • encourage our customers, suppliers and partners to adopt similar practices


Metrofile will use its ‘know how’, technology and resources to:

  • encourage customers to use environmentally friendly services
  • develop and offer products and services that reduce paper wastage
  • offer paper recycling services
  • assist charitable institutions in building capacity to support their communities