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In the public sector, stringent regulations, data security, service delivery accuracy, and operational efficiency are more than just objectives - they are integral to achieving success and maintaining public trust. At Metrofile, we recognise these challenges.

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A Strategic Approach to Overcoming Key Challenges

Explore our interactive circle to see how Metrofile tackles the pressing challenges faced by the public sector, redefining data governance and information management with state-of-the-art solutions.

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Congested record space and loss of records
Archive Services

Improving Efficiency: Streamlines storage and retrieval; expert handling increases operational efficiency.

Misfiling which hampers the retrieval of files

Promoting Accessibility: Ensures records are easy to manage and retrieve, facilitating better user experience and service delivery.

Loss of single source of information
Sensitive Storage and MetroNet

Protecting Sensitive Information: Enhances document security and provides a reliable single source through secure digital records.

Skilled staff in records management
On-Site Records Management
Supporting Institutional Development: Provides consultation and training for staff to grow institutional knowledge and competency in records management.
Systematic record disposal program
Customised Records Management

Ensuring Compliance: Establishes systematic disposal processes that adhere to legislative standards, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Implementation of record classification system
Customised Document Management

Improving Efficiency and Ensuring Compliance: Introduces a structured system for classification that contributes to operational efficiency and addresses compliance needs.

Featured Solutions

Record Management

We expertly handle management of both physical and electronic records, ensuring seamless organisation and accessibility.

Digitisation Services

Our on-site and off-site digitisation services streamline the transition from physical to digital archives, maximising the convenience and value of your records.

Space Optimisation

Optimise and declutter your workspace with our wide range of storage solutions and products, improving efficiency and organisation.

Disaster Recovery and Specialised Hosting

Trust in our disaster recovery services and private cloud hosting to minimise downtime and facilitate business continuity during unforeseen events.

Confidential Destruction

We ensure the secure disposal of physical records and follow ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) practices for electronic data.

Cloud Backup

Safeguard your vital information with our cloud backup solutions, providing reliable data protection and recovery.

Cyber Crime and Ransomware Prevention

Leverage our advanced security measures to fortify your organisation against cyber threats and ransomware attacks.

Privacy Law Compliance

Stay compliant with ongoing privacy regulations through our comprehensive management services.

Business Continuity Planning

Ensure the smooth operation of your organisation through our expert business continuity planning and support.

Business Process Optimisation and Workflow Automation

Streamline your organisation's processes with our automation solutions, enhancing efficiency and overall performance.

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