How IronTree Seeks To Provide World Class IT Services

How IronTree Seeks To Provide World Class IT Services. IronTree is an award-winning data backup, cybersecurity and disaster recover specialist. The company’s SecureIT suite of products includes StoreIT, ProtectIT, HostIT, RecoverIT and ComplyIT.

Most importantly, the company’s service team is world-class – a reason for winning ‘Best Service Provider’ in the MEA Region in 2021. IronTree offers Online backup / cloud backup, Fully managed disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS(FM)), Cloud hosted ransomware protection, Hosted exchange email, Business continuity planning and a complete compliance management solution for POPI (The Protection of Personal Information Act). IronTree is one of the providers of hosted continuity solutions to South African businesses, with companies utilising its services daily.

IronTree provides data management services including cloud backup, disaster recovery and specialised server hosting in a private cloud. The company also offers cyber-crime and ransomware prevention, ongoing privacy law compliance management, and business continuity planning services. These services enable its clients to prevent disasters that could impact their organisations and to manage their systems and data effectively within a legal framework.

IronTree’s purpose is to provide data management, recoverability, prevention, compliance and planning services that enable its clients to overcome the disruptions and disasters that may affect their businesses. The company does this by offering great products that are priced correctly, and excellent support.

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