Metrofile Cloud Backup Solution for SA Taxi

The task

A premium cloud-hosted backup solution.

Having multiple backups of critical data is vital for every organisation. It’s the last line of defence against cyber threats, physical and natural disasters and any other form of data loss.
The challenge

SA Taxi, a finance company providing services to the taxi industry, was facing a challenge with their backup solution. They were still using tapes for backup and restore purposes, which was becoming an expensive and time-consuming process. They needed a more efficient and reliable solution that could quickly backup and restore their server and Microsoft 365 workloads.
The solution

Metrofile Cloud provided SA Taxi with their cloud backup solution, which enabled them to protect their server and Microsoft 365 workloads without any hassle of tapes. This proved to be a cost-effective and technically superior solution when compared to other cloud providers that they investigated. They tested the solution for speed and accuracy of restores and found it to be fast, accurate, and secure as it had two-factor authentication and decent security on the website.

The product

The cloud backup solution offers an easy-to-understand user interface that makes it easy to ingest new workloads onto the platform. Previously, they could not use other backup solutions in some spaces, but with Metrofile Cloud, they could backup and restore data immediately at their fingertips. The product provided a seamless process for backup and restore, eliminating the need for tapes.

The service

Metrofile Clouds customer service was exceptional. The team was readily available to provide support whenever required, even outside of office hours. They provided quick and efficient solutions, ensuring that SA Taxi’s data was always secure and protected.

The differentiator

The cloud backup solution provided a unique selling point in its ease of restoring servers, making it stand out from other backup solutions. Also, Metrofile’s availability and support were unmatched.

By implementing Metrofile’s cloud backup solution, SA Taxi could be confident in the reliability and security of their backup and restore solution. It enabled the company to focus on its core business while providing a secure backup and restore solution for its data.


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