Simplifying Data Backup for a Leading Financial Institution

The task

A backup solution with a simple architecture and flexible pricing A leading financial institution, managing data across legacy on-premise equipment and multiple versions was proving to be a challenge. The use of outdated ‘tape’ technology for backup further compounded the problem. While transitioning to the cloud helped, it didn’t fully resolve the complexity of data management across various technologies.

The challenge

According to the IT Manager at the financial institution during this project, they needed a universal backup solution that could be centrally managed and compatible with different cloud platforms. The complexity and cost associated with managing both on-premise and cloud backups using traditional methods were hindering their operations. Thus, the financial institution set out in search of a backup solution with a simple architecture and flexible pricing.

The solution

Metrofile Cloud provided a demo of the Acronis solution that perfectly met the financial institution’ requirements. The solution offered numerous advantages, including enterprise-level encryption, the option to leverage the Metrofile cloud infrastructure optimised for South Africa, and a user-friendly web console-based interface for secure backup management. The inclusion of a mutual backup feature ensured data privacy and eliminated the risk of data breaches.

The result

The IT manager praised Metrofile Cloud for swiftly identifying backup migration methods and seamlessly centralising management. The Acronis solution not only simplified data backup but also brought additional benefits such as flexibility and time-saving opportunities. By freeing up the IT team from mundane server and software maintenance tasks, the financial institution could focus on proactive work and enhancing their operations. Throughout the process, Metrofile provided excellent support, promptly addressing any issues that arose. The financial institution successfully simplified their data backup process with the Acronis solution provided by Metrofile Cloud. The adoption of this scalable and reliable backup solution had a significant positive impact on their efficiency and overall IT management.

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