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Digitise physical legacy content and streamline your data management

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Convert your physical legacy content into digital formats

Metrofile’s content services platform empowers businesses to convert their physical legacy content into digital formats, enabling seamless access and management. Our digitisation solutions not only enhance data security and compliance but also streamline your organisation’s data storage and retrieval processes, saving time and resources.

Improved accessibility

Digitising physical content enables employees to access information quickly and easily, regardless of their location.

Reduced storage costs

By converting information and documents to digital formats, businesses can significantly reduce the costs associated with physical storage and maintenance.

Enhanced security

Digital documents are easier to secure and protect from unauthorised access, loss, or damage compared to physical records.

Eco-friendly approach

Digitisation helps reduce paper consumption and supports environmentally sustainable practises.
Our roadmap

Experience comprehensive data transformation with our roadmap.

Our roadmap consists of tailored advisory services, workflow optimisation, robotic process automation (RPA), and seamless integration with your existing systems. Managed on our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) platform, Metrofile ensures a smooth and secure transformation of your business information into valuable knowledge, unlocking your data’s full potential.

Automated industry-specific solutions for targeted results

Explore for tailored data transformation services that boost efficiency, compliance, and growth.


VYSION for financial services

Streamlining intelligent information management for the finance sector: Ensuring compliance and effective governance.


VYSION for legal

Enabling secure and intelligent information management solutions for the legal sector: Prioritising compliance and enhancing efficiency.


VYSION for public sector

Empowering effective information management for the Public Sector: Prioritising compliance and governance.


VYSION for business

Intelligent information management solutions for the dynamic business sector: Prioritising secure data practices and operational efficiency.

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