A large global retail and wholesale group

Our client

A global retail and wholesale Group with widely recognised brands represented across Africa with leading market shares in the general merchandise, liquor, home improvement and wholesale food markets. The business had undergone a strategic restructure which required a closer look at how it operated. The business reviewed areas that performed well and how it could leverage systems and solutions into the Group.

Metrofile provided an end-to-end solution for managing digital processes, digitisation and general archiving services to parts of the Group.

Due to the great success of this operation, Metrofile was selected to participate in a Group contract.

The challenge

  • Multiple divisions and systems
  • Non-standardised processes
  • High cost of transacting
  • Time inefficiencies
  • Vast size of business with large volumes of documentation
  • Lack of oversight across the Group
  • Non-standard processes across the multiple divisions and subsidiaries
  • Lost and reworked documents result in additional costs

Areas of Focus

  • Finance
  • Talent acquisition
  • Supply chain / vendor management
  • Compliance
  • Business continuity

With multiple projects taking place throughout the year, our client realised that manual processes and missing documents result in costly inefficiencies across their many business units.

Our solution

We began a journey with this client 12 years ago. Over this period, various business units used Metrofile services in different ways aligned to their own specific requirements.

With the restructure, the Group aimed to bring about a global view of information and capitalise on the benefits of having a single content platform.

Within some business units, we were tasked with digitising business critical processes. We helped improve communication between stores and Head Office by creating a scanning module that allowed staff to scan trade documents at store level with the ability to instantly validate and report any missing documents. This enabled Head Office to easily access the correct documentation in real time.

Our deep understanding of the business allowed us to discover areas of improvement unique to retail and wholesale businesses.


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