Solving the Paper Shredding Challenge for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

Pharmaceutical sales representatives face a unique challenge: they work remotely, often from their cars, and traverse the nation, fostering relationships with healthcare professionals. While their hard work drives success, it also drives paperwork – much of it containing the kind of sensitive information that demands secure disposal. Metrofile, with its rich experience and in-depth understanding of information governance and management, identified a way to address this challenge.

Understanding the Challenge

Running operations across the expanse of the nation, from a single central office, invariably presents a logistical challenge. Sales consultants, working remotely as an intrinsic part of the pharmaceutical sales operation, often found themselves with an accumulation of paperwork containing private information.

Identifying the Solution

Maintaining data security is paramount, and the need for regular paper shredding was identified as a part of the information governance process.

The Solution

  • Each sales rep would receive a box for document collection.
  • Metrofile collecting and replacing these boxes, filled with paperwork, during client’s quarterly sales conferences.

Benefits and Results

  • Improved data security
  • Convenience for sales reps translating into immediate benefits.
  • Innovative yet straightforward paper shredding solution

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