The Ripple Effect: Data Breaches and the Erosion of Trust

Data has solidified its place as a vital cog in the wheel of commerce, driving innovation and competitive advantage. Businesses hoard data, customers share data, and our reliance on data pervades every facet of life. Alongside this dependency, however, rests an equally significant imperative – the protection of data. A Glimpse into Notorious Data Breaches […]

Data Analytics for Business Growth: Revealing the Power of Informed Decision-Making

Leveraging data analytics to drive informed decision-making is no longer just an option, but a necessity. The exponential growth in data generation and the increasing accessibility of technological tools has opened up new channels for organisations to develop strategic insights and stay ahead of the curve. The Role of Data Analytics in Decision-Making Data analytics […]

South Africa’s Metrofile takes on the cloud giants

Metrofile has launched rand-based storage, allowing companies to store large volumes of historical data at relatively low cost. Metrofile Cloud, the digital arm of JSE-listed data management solutions provider Metrofile, has launched a rand-based “petabyte file storage” solution that allows companies to store large volumes of historical data at relatively low cost. “Because storing data […]

One step ahead: Future-proof your business with Metrofile’s Accounts Payable offering

In the business landscape, staying ahead of future trends is essential for success. This holds true for accounts payable (AP) and finance, where proactively preparing for emerging trends can make the difference between thriving and falling behind. Metrofile’s Accounts Payable Process Automation offers businesses the opportunity to future-proof their AP processes and ensure they stay […]

Navigating uncertain times: How Metrofile’s Accounts Payable Automation offers adaptability for businesses

The economic uncertainties of recent years have made adaptability and resilience essential for businesses. An adaptable accounts payable (AP) solution like Metrofile’s Accounts Payable Process Automation can provide the robustness businesses need to weather the storms of uncertain times. Discover how Metrofile’s Accounts Payable Automation’s flexibility and resilience can help your business adapt to the […]

Transforming finance operations with automation: A deep dive into Metrofile’s Accounts Payable offering

Embracing the future of finance: An introduction The competitive business landscape recognises automation as a catalyst for efficiency across different sectors, including finance departments. Metrofile’s Accounts Payable Process Automation offers an advanced solution by introducing an automated approach to managing accounts payable (AP). Unearthing opportunities: The role of automation in finance The Metrofile’s Accounts Payable […]

The Differences Between Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

In the digital world we live in today, data has become the backbone of businesses, hence the rise in popularity of cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. These two solutions play distinct roles in safeguarding your organisation’s data. Let’s dive into their fundamental differences and their respective roles in data security. […]